Career Skills & Experience

UX/UI Design for Healthcare Clients: Doctors, Nurses, and Healthcare Professionals

Design of websites, web apps, and mobile apps to improve patient health outcomes

UX/UI Consulting for Hospitals, Medical Schools, and Government Agencies

I have over 15 years of UX/UI experience designing engaging, interactive, user-friendly programs that leverage technology to help doctors, nurses, and their patients learn more about their chronic illness.


UX/UI Collaborations

Hospital Visits

UX for Ortho Biotech, A Division of Johnson & Johnson Pharmaceuticals

Healthcare Education Software Design and Kiosk Rollout

UX Strategist and Project Manager for an innovative, interactive software design and kiosk rollout project for Ortho Biotech. The nationwide rollout involved working closely with the Ortho Biotech team and managing program and software logistics.

  • UX design, user testing, site maps, wireframes, and prototypes for the software
  • Site visits/presentations to healthcare professionals at 40 hospitals nationwide
  • Planned, executed, and managed software and hardware installation and upgrades

Key Skills/Experience

  • Consulting relationship with Ortho Biotech Marketing Managers and software developers
  • Designed custom user data collection and analysis tools
  • Designed interactive prototypes for user testing and stakeholder presentations

The “Prescription for Learning” Web App for Healthcare Education

UX Design to Empower Doctors and Nurses to help their Patients Learn

In collaboration with four hospital-based cancer centers nationwide and the National Cancer Institute, I designed an innovative, easy-to-administer, tablet-based learning program. The UX Design challenges included a major user experience shift from patients to healthcare staff. Multiple interactive prototypes were designed and used with both healthcare staff and patient users.

Key Skills/Experience

  • UX/UI Responsive Design for tablets and smartphones
  • Designed data connections to hospital Electronic Medical Record (EMR) systems for critical and secure communication links
  • My UX Design included designing a secure cloud-based backend for HIPAA compliance. This backend database also supported user statistics and dashboards for healthcare reporting and analysis

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Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine Health Education Research

UX Researcher/Principle Investigator for National Institutes of Health Studies

UX Research and UX Design for an interactive, multi-media, bilingual software program for cancer and diabetes patients. Program design was part of two NIH funded studies for the Agency for Research and Quality (AHRQ). Designed user research and analysis tools to study the benefits of touchscreen learning programs targeted to help low-literacy users. Strong collaboration and interaction with the multidisciplinary study team including researchers, doctors, nurses, software developers.

  • Responsible for all UX design, user testing, site maps, wireframes, and interactive prototypes for the software
  • Advocated successfully for the user when user testing revealed major changes were needed in the interactive program navigation
  • Designed backend user data collection for the Learning Programs for both cancer and diabetes

Key Skills/Experience

  • Planned, executed, and managed user experience design for two separate multi-year studies
  • Designed interactive prototypes for user testing with cancer and diabetes patients in English and Spanish
  • Designed custom user data collection and analysis tools and made regular presentations of the data

Career Skills & Experience – Phase 1

UX/UI Design for Architects,
Engineers, Designers, & Scientists

My software designs helped professionals accomplish their core mission

UX/UI Consulting for Fortune 500 Clients

I have over 10 years experience designing interactive, multi-user programs for Fortune 500 firms and the U.S. Department of Energy at Argonne National Laboratory.

Years Consulting

UX/UI Design Clients

Engaged Professionals

Montgomery Ward & Co. Architecture and Construction Department

“Software so easy, even a CEO can use it”

UX Design, development, and management of custom Interactive network-based, multi-user programs for their workgroups to collaborate.

  • UX/UI for Executive Decision Support Tool used by their CEO and Board of Directors
  • Designed database backend for photos, and architecture and sales data for all 300 retail stores
  • Planned, executed, and managed software and hardware upgrade for 80 person department

Key Skills/Experience

  • Consulting relationship with architects, managers, and IT
  • Software management and data updates for mission critical app
  • Dashboards for analysis and decision making

Argonne National Laboratory

UX/UI Design for Scientists & Office Staff

For Argonne Labs, I designed a new program from scratch for the American Institute of Physics (AIP). This network-based program allowed their workgroups including scientists and secretaries to collaborate on their core mission of publishing scientific journals.

Key Skills/Experience

  • UX/UI Design and Development of Interactive Workgroup Collaboration Software
  • Ongoing software management and improvements for efficiency and effectiveness
  • Communication with scientists, laboratory managers, information technology, and office staff

Helene Curtis: UX/UI for Product Design Department

Designed easy-to-use, multi-user, network software for project managment and collaboration. Software supported the Helene Curtis product design and print advertising departments.

Key Skills/Experience

  • Agile UX Design, user testing and interactive prototypes
  • User Flow Diagrams and Site Maps
  • Designed sophisticated, interactive module for managers to easily generate monthly, quarterly, and yearly reports

Interactive Protypes

I like to create prototypes early in the design and consulting process.

Key benefits:

  • My prototypes can be paper, wireframe, or pixel perfect
  • Useful for user testing
  • Great for gaining insights about features that don’t work for users
  • Often can be loaded on a tablet or smartphone for remote testing

Wireframes for Web & Tablet Apps

I create wireframes at various points in my UX process. I sometimes make wireframes as an ideation step as an alternative to sketching. It helps just to see how a screen looks and to get a rough idea of UI and user navigation.

The benefits of my wireframe drawings include:

  • Easy to create
  • Their rough look often encourages suggestions for improvements
  • Useful to share with design/development team
  • Easy to make interactive for user testing
  • Helpful to show stakeholders and managers for input

Dashboards for User Data Analysis

With my UX Design for a large multi-site web app and Saas product launch, the user interviews revealed that a way to see highlights of the program would be helpful. The web app was target primarily for tablets and my design included a sophisticated cloud database backend. With all the user data being saved to the cloud app, it was straitforward to design dashboard screens. The dashboard’s tables, charts, and graphs gave managers and department heads a 30,000 foot view.

Key benefits:

  • Updated automatically from the user data
  • Can be printed by users as a report
  • An easy way to get a view of the big picture of how a program is progressing

My UX/UI Design Process

My UX/UI Design Process

The following icons show the UX design steps and deliverables that I use with my UX/UI Design projects. My web or mobile app projects nearly always start with stakeholder/user Interviews and often include a great deal of research. I also interview any Subject Matter Experts. As a project proceeds, I create User Flow Diagrams and User Journey Maps to help stakeholders and managers to get a better understanding of the big picture. This can include seeing where pain points and goals/opportunies might exist.

User Interviews


User Testing




Pain Points and Goals


User Flow Diagrams

User Journey Maps

Interactive Prototypes

Final Design

User Data Collection, Analysis, and Reporting

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User Testing

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Stakeholder and Subject Matter Expert Interviews

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My Broad Range of Industry Experience:

My broad background as a UX Product Designer includes designing digital products for healthcare, enterprise, and B2B organizations in many diverse industries


Personal Care Products

Academic Journal Publishing

Retail Store Headquarters

U.S. Department of Energy


Goverment Healthcare Agency


Goverment Healthcare Agency


Goverment Healthcare Agency









Professional Societies and Associations:

I am a member of UX Design and Interaction Design Professional Associations which connect me to other professionals and keep me up-to-date with best practices and industry trends.

Professional Association for Design
Sustaining Member

Interaction Design Professionals Association

User Experience Professionals Association
Sustaining Member

Nielsen Norman Group
Seminars & Professional Certification