Side-by-Side Comparison of Wireframe and Pixel Perfect Images for a Sample Webpage

UX Design wireframes provide a visual sense of webpage layout and site navigation

Shown below is an example of an early phase wireframe for a Desktop Web Browser webpage with the final site design on the right side. These images are long to show the whole page. These types of wireframes can help in the early stages of design giving team members and stakeholders the ability to add comments and discuss ideas for content and image placement.

Later versions of the wireframe will have more detail, more precise size and placement, and will include annotations for both the graphic designers and the web developers (coders) of the site.

Key Wireframe Benefits:

  • Stakeholders and Managers can easily make layout decisions, such as which topics go at the top of the page and which ones go at the bottom
  • Graphic Designers can start to prepare graphics, knowing approximate size and resolution
  • Copywriters can start to fill in content if it is known for a section
  • Buttons and navigation links can be made interactive for user testing to make sure all navigation is clear and simple
  • Branding and key communication messages can be verified